Reviewed Book “Object-Oriented Thought Process – by Matt Weisfeld”


Being an MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) at DZone, I have gotten an opportunity to review a book named “Object-Oriented Thought Process – Fourth Edition”, written by Matt Weisfeld.

Following is a review I made for this book,

“A great book to learn the Object oriented principles and start thinking in object terms. Matt has provided the real life examples which help reader to understand the concept of object oriented principles easily. He started from the basic concepts and ended up with more advanced concepts like Object persistence and design patterns that helps reader to gain knowledge on the vital areas as well when designing or else working on any project.  Although there are many code snippets provided to discourse any topic but there is no single programming language used to express code, this is a valuable effort to provide code snippets in different languages but the convention is not consistent. It can be improved by providing code extracts for other languages as well while addressing any topic with some special formatting that helps reader to understand code in preferred language.”

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