Detach EDI node when Source XML element is missing in BizTalk maps

In this post I will share a TIP to detach EDI N2 node segment when the source XML element is missing

Business Scenario:

A BizTalk environment containing some BizTalk maps that  transforms the source XML files into EDI documents. In the scenario we have to generate the EDI 940 document and avoid printing N2 if the source AdditionalName element is missing.

In order to achieve this scenario I have used Logical Existence Functoid that takes input from AdditionalName source element and map to the N2 segment.


This will detach the N2 element if AdditionalName is not present in the source document. Additional Name value is actually mapped to N201 segment but in order to avoid N2 populating on EDI document we are good with this.

Next. I have used Logical Existence and Value Mapping functoids for N201 mapping that displays the actual value of Additional Name and avoid throwing exception if the data is not present.


Hope this helps!

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