windows_usersslatecon is the real-time application for windows 8 platform that is used for an educational purpose. It contains a plain white   canvas in which a user can draw anything from touch, mouse or pen and share that with the connected users. When the user opens up the application, it shows the active rooms and the user can connect to any room by entering a name, email address and password. If any user wanted to share something, he/she can create a new room and start sharing information.

Privacy Policy

We can store any information you enter in slatecon or provide to us in any other way. The types of information collected may include your name, email address, room password, device Id and the work you share on slate. As the application is network-capable and a real-time in nature, we uses to send data to our service, which then redirects it to the connected users. Likewise, when the user joins any room we store its username and email address and authenticate through the password he/she enters to join that room.

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