Common errors in processing EDI documents using BizTalk Server 2013

Following are some errors I encountered while setting up an EDI in BizTalk Server 2013. These are quite common errors but I thought to write a post showing the exact reason of the problem which may help someone configuring EDI.

I will try to keep update this article the more errors I come across so it will be used as a reference.

ERROR 1: Agreement Resolution based on the context properties for x12 Protocol has failed


In order to resolve this error check the Identifiers values in parties agreement and when sending an EDI document specify the exact values that have been set for ISA6 and ISA8 in the identifiers tab of the Source Party agreement. These values should match the value of an EDI document for the same ISA6 and ISA6 properties.

In the above screen shot ISA6 and ISA8 values are PartyA and PartyB and the Sender and Receiver qualifiers are ZZ-Mutually Defined (X12)

So the EDI document header should be something like below

ISA^00^ ^00^ ^ZZ^PartyA ^ZZ^PartyB




ERROR 2: Delimiters are not unique, field and segment separator are the same. The sequence number of the suspended message is 1.


EDI document is fixed length format. This error comes up when the values length exceeded or does not meet the fixed length format. When structuring EDI document its better to define the values properly otherwise sometimes it becomes hard to rectify this type of error.

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