Inspecting Messages in WCF

In WCF (Windows Communication foundation)  you can inpect the messages before sending reply and recieves client request through IDispatchMessageInspector interface. This helps the developer to investigate the message and log somewhere when needed. In this post i will show the way of implementing IDispatchMessageInspector interface and how it can be applied in the custom behavior … Continue reading Inspecting Messages in WCF

WPF Data Binding Options

In this post i will show the different ways of binding WPF control elements with the different sources. WPF provides binding both declarative and imperatively through code. It provides greater flexibility to the developer to bind the target value to source value in the XAML file. The term data binding describes the process of creating … Continue reading WPF Data Binding Options

Consuming WCF Service in WP7

In this post i will show you the very basic way of calling WCF service in WP7 application and persisting the service url in the isolated storage of mobile. In WCF there are two modes to configure endpoints i.e. Imperative and Declarative. Imperative means developer can configure the endpoints through code whereas in the declarative … Continue reading Consuming WCF Service in WP7

Using Facebook SDK in Desktop Application C#.Net

This post shows the basic way of using Facebook SDK C#.Net in Desktop/Windows based application to authenticate user and enable developers to access the complete data of the logged in user. First of all developer has to create an application in This is very simple and can be done in seconds. Following are some … Continue reading Using Facebook SDK in Desktop Application C#.Net