Creating Custom Formatter in ASP.NET Web API TO HANDLE SPECIFIC formatted REQUEST

In this article I will show you how to create a custom formatter in ASP.Net Web API to send object in Request body with specific format. This is a series of the article I wrote earlier in which I showed the way of handling formatted response. Formatters in ASP .NET Web API plays an [...]


Providing Interactive Grid handling in ASP.Net MVC Application using Kendo UI

Nowadays, in every application, grid plays an important role in providing rich and easy interface for data management. In my last project I used Telerik Kendo UI Grid control for ASP.Net which I found quite easy and robust to use with ASP.NET MVC applications. Developers only need to provide some configuration and the rest of [...]

Awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award

I am glad to announce that on 1st July 2014, I received an email from Microsoft on being awarded as the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in ASP.Net/IIS. I got really excited to see the award and that Microsoft has recognized my contributions I did in the community. I am more impassioned and certainly increases [...]

Grab eBooks and Videos in a very low price – by Packt Publishing

Being an active participant in reviewing Packt Publishing books related to Software discipline, I would like to celebrate the 10 years completion of Packt and wanted to express the new and exciting promotion in which they are offering all the eBooks and Videos for just $10. Folks, hurry up and grab some good titles! Here [...]