Problem loading ASP.Net project after installing VS 2010 SP1

Sometimes developer faces this problem on loading existing web projects that were hosted on local IIS server and using the same port number that has been used by the IIS Express for particular websites. IIS Express installed by default when you apply the SP1 for Visual Studio 2010. In my case, I installed VS 2010 … Continue reading Problem loading ASP.Net project after installing VS 2010 SP1

Debugging javascript from Visual Studio

Open the Tools > Internet Options and click on Advanced tab. Uncheck "Disable script debugging" in the settings list. Now for any function where you want to debug just specify debugger; like this. Example $(document).ready(function () { debugger;      alert("hello world!"); } That's all! Now just run the application in debug mode from visual studio … Continue reading Debugging javascript from Visual Studio

Custom Plugin Framework in .Net

Sometimes we came in situation when we need to design an architecture which supports plugin of components at runtime. That facilitates developer to not to compile the main application again and again for new addition of components/plugins and just with a little configuration it should be activated in the application. Therefore, this post shows the … Continue reading Custom Plugin Framework in .Net