Configuring Live Authentication in SharePoint 2010

This post shows the steps which leads towards the configuration of Live Authentication in SharePoint 2010. Before going in depth I want to tell some key points when configuring Live Authentication in SharePoint 2010. Actually WLID provides two zones "INT" and "PROD". The "INT" zone is for testing purpose and the "PROD" zone is for [...]


Developing iPhone Applications using Vaadin touchkit and .Net WCF Services

iPhone market is emerging day to day and the no. of clients are increasing time to time. Therefore, i got a task to do some research on the development of iPhone applications. One way is to use Mac OS and develop applications using Objective C or Mono Touch SDK for iPhone development. As i dont [...]

Email document via Office 365 Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.1 from Windows File Context Menu

I was just exploring the Microsoft Exchange Web Services API for Office 365 through which you can programmatically perform several operations on Office 365 Exchange account. In this post i will walk you through the application which sends the selected file to particular recipient as an attachment. It does not only sends a document but [...]

How to resolve Azure Storage Emulator start up issue

I was just exploring Azure Toolkit 1.4 and when I ran the application I got the following error. Following post shows the way to resolve this issue. Actually Windows Azure storage emulator by default works on a  SQL Server Express instance which needs to be named ‘SQLExpress’. If you open the SQL Server Management Studio you [...]

Publishing Workflow as WCF Service

This post covers the basic step to publish worklfow as a WCF Service. 1. Open Visual Studio, create new project and select Sequential Workflow Service Library template. Specify name as WFSequentialServiceLibrary and press Ok. 2. It will automatically adds IWorkflow1.cs (Service Contract) and Workflow1.cs (Workflow). Rename the IWorkflow1.cs to IDemoWorkflow.cs and DemoWorkflow.cs. It also adds [...]