My book on JavaScript for .NET Developers

I am pleased to inform you that my book on “JavaScript for .NET developers has been published by Packt Publishing. It was a very good experience but of course it took lot of time from me.


This book is a mastering series and targeted primarily to .NET Developers but other non .NET developers can also leverage with the knowledge I shared in this book and understand the concepts and use them with any web application platform. I have tried to accommodate all the information that will be required to master JavaScript.

This book has 10 chapters, starting from the basics to advanced concepts, learning superset of JavaScript i.e. TypeScript and discusses what superset is and how to use TypeScript with Angular 2 and ASP.NET Core. One chapter on WinJS, a JavaScript library that is widely used by UWP developers to bring rich look and feel and other windows runtime features to web applications. Chapter on Node.js that shows how JavaScript can be used on server side and how to develop Node.js applications using Visual Studio 2015. Then covered all about design patterns and shown the usage of around dozen of design patterns to handle particular problem or scenario. Finally, there are the chapters of using JavaScript for large scale projects and how to test and debug JavaScript.

To order either an e-book or a printed copy, It is available on Packt Publishing website i.e. and Amazon at

Enjoy reading!!