Certificate error when deploying WCF Azure Service

Last night I was working on some Azure WCF Service and while deploying on the Windows Azure Platform, I continuously faced error that “The certificate with thumbprint was not found in windows azure”. It was a simple WCF service based on BasicHttpBinding and has few operation contracts.

After doing deep research I found that while packaging a service from Package Windows Azure Application window, if you select “Enable Remote Desktop for all roles” or “Enable Remote Debugger for all roles” it expect to have certificates uploaded on azure portal and you should have specified the exact thumbprint in the Certificates section from properties window. Otherwise your deployment does not succeed.

Therefore, I succeeded disabling these two checks while creating a package and also made sure that there were no <certificates></certificates> tags inside service definition (.csdef) file and service configuration (.cscfg) file.

Hope this helps!

Reviewed Book “ASP.NET Web API: Build RESTful web applications and services on the .NET framework” by JoyDip Kanjilal

I have gotten this opportunity to review the book named ‘ASP.NET Web API: Build RESTful web applications and services on the .NET framework‘ from Packt (UK based publishing company specializing in focused IT books).

Following is a review I made for this book

This book is very good to study the concepts of RESTful applications, SOA and ROA. Joydip have used different Microsoft technologies to showcase these terms. However, I found less information related to Web API which is the title of book and few topics like formatters, bindings and self-hosting web APIs are missing. I think there should be some chapter detailing the basic and advanced features of Web API that helps the reader to gain complete information on Web API.

Link to book page: http://www.packtpub.com/aspnet-web-api-build-restful-web-applications-services-on-the-dotnet-framework/book?utm_source=Book&utm_medium=mention.com&utm_campaign=Book_mention